A collective experience of both traditional masculine values and progressive ideologies form the foundation of this project’s exploration and the raw materials that occupy each frame. The raw materials exist with a differing use to what might be considered their native. Cement’s natural condition as structure and foundation, instead forms the pillar witnessed in deterioration. It’s independent placement within the image revokes it’s assumed stature. An alginate cast of the subject’s face reflects its creator though offers no further invitation. Bricks become a podium for the body as its head bows. 
The male form as the subject balances between function, expectation and a position of observation. Its uses dilute into motifs and acts of emotion toward the surrounding, removing purpose and considering its application to the image and sculpture. Whether through comfort, distress or necessity, their coexistence demonstrates a relationship. Concrete anchoring a clay facade at the hands of the subject, whilst skin rendered in alginate and plaster obscures identity. Their exposure to one another alongside classical motifs provokes the intrinsic condition and highlights the wider complexities of the masculine landscape. 
The male form remains an artistic catalyst for the gaze, in antiquity and the contemporar. It resonates the cyclical nature of time, tradition and progress.